Lead Nurture

Demand Generation – Lead Generation – Lead Nurturing

The Sales Support System – custom designed
to your sales and marketing operation

The Sales Support System doesn’t come in a box and it can’t be delivered with a download.  It simply represents the step-by-step approach we will take to improve your sales process.

And this is no “one-size-fits-all” system.  We start with the sales process – your sales process.  We map out each step in your process and we take time to understand how you currently handle those steps.  

Only then do we make our recommendations.   This may include the introduction of a new program or simply the tweaking of an existing program.  We may see a need to get involved with some steps in your sales process – and not in others.  At the same time, we may decide to phase in different steps at later dates. 

 Step 4 – Lead Nurturing

 So what do you do AFTER the leads come in?  Do you immediately turn them over to sales?  Do you dump into your master list for an occasional e-newsletter or email blast?

 Or do you use this opportunity to start building relationships?

 Lead Nurturing is all about building relationships – giving your prospects the chance to engage, to learn and to become acquainted with you and your organization.

 This is not a time for the hard sell.  Instead, we use sequential messages that are designed to work together to build your sales argument over time.  

Put your emails on auto-pilot.
It happens to everyone.  You have plans to get out an email every week – and it all goes according to plan – until you get swamped with some higher priority projects.  So you skip a week and before you know, you’re skipping two weeks, and so on …

There is a better solution.  Create all your emails at once – set them up, schedule them and put them all on auto-pilot. 

We’re talking about automated emails – also known as email auto-responders or email drips or emails on auto-pilot.  You set them up once, create a delivery schedule and you’re done.  So your emails go out on time even if you’re not there to send them. 

Automated emails are usually designed as sequenced emails – meaning a series of emails to deliver your messages in small, digestible chunks.  You can create separate email tracks for:

  • each product or service you offer
  • each industry you serve
  • each job title you target
  • each stage in your sales process
  • each possible response to your offers

How we can help:
We can work with you and your staff to provide whatever level of service you may need.  You are free to handle any or all of this on your own, but if you need our help:

  • We can set up the email platform for you and train your staff to produce emails internally.
  • We can set up and manage the email platform for you.
  • We can implement the entire program for you.  We can write and design the emails, then schedule and manage the emails through delivery.

If you already have an email service in place, we can still provide the creative and let you handle the execution. 

Call Bob McCarthy at 508-473-8643 to discuss your project.