Online Marketing

Leverage the power of one-to-one marketing with Direct Mail and Email Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing

Our full-service direct mail campaigns are designed to generate leads from a mailing list of prospects who have been matched to your ideal customer profile.

This assures you that every lead you get is pre-qualified.

Choose from three mailer formats:

  • an oversized postcard
  • a letter mailer
  • a snap-pack (perforated) mailer

Run any type of campaign for any quantity:

  • solo campaigns
  • multi-touch campaigns
  • weekly/monthly campaigns

Get everything you need through our one-stop solution:

  • Mailing list research and acquisition
  • Choice of mailing formats
  • Complete copy and design, and all revisions
  • Multiple response channels including landing page and QR code
  • Full print/mail production
  • Phone call and lead tracking
  • A/B split testing when quantities allow

Email Marketing Services

Email marketing gives you a lower cost option for connecting with customers and prospects.

Email can be used in one of two ways – for (1) opt-in email, and (2) cold email.

Opt-In Email
Opt-in email is used to communicate with customers, prospects and anyone who has some relationship with you. In other words, people who have opted in or connected with you in some way.

Opt-in emails can include:

Individual email blasts sent to your whole list or a section of your list in the form of a newsletter or sales promotion.

Opt-in emails can also be a series of email sequences set up to run on autopilot to your prospects as they move along in the sales process.

Cold Email
Cold email prospecting is used to introduce yourself to a cold list of prospects who match your ideal customer profile.

Cold email requires a different email platform and email strategy than opt-in email.

We offer cold email prospecting for business-to-business (B2B) applications only.

It’s a two-step process that includes (1) list building, and (2) email deployment.

Emails are developed as introductory sequences and sent out in relatively small quantities – especially at the outset.

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