Online Marketing

Solo marketing campaigns may deliver results in the short term.

But for consistent, long-term results,

you need an end-to-end MARKETING SYSTEM.

How to build a Marketing System

We often think of marketing in terms of single campaigns – a Google Ads campaign, a Facebook campaign, a direct mail or email campaign.

There is nothing wrong with a single campaign except that too often, that’s all there is.

When leads come in, they are sent off to a sales rep, followed up with a call or two and then filed away for future reference or call back.

What should happen is that the lead is added to a marketing system that integrates a variety of tools and tactics.

What does your process look like?

  • Is there are landing page or a landing page sequence in place to handle responses?
  • Is there a way to schedule appointments or request a quote – and still bring in those marginal, long-term leads?
  • Do the leads go into a database or CRM?
  • How are the leads sorted, assigned and managed?
  • Can you track every lead back to a particular campaign?
  • Do you have a way of monitoring your leads from inquiry to qualification to appointment to proposal to sale?
  • Can you track all your leads through the sales process.
  • What type of follow-up communications do you have in place?
  • Do you have an automated email drip sequence in place?
  • How do you stay in touch over the long run?

The point is once you generate a lead from any type of campaign, you’re just getting started.

Think System. Not Campaign.

When you think about your marketing efforts, it’s important to think of every campaign as part of a larger system – as one step in a multi-step process.

Step 1 – Lead Generation/Inquiry

Leads can be generated from many different types of campaigns – search ads (Google Ads), social ads (Facebook), digital display ads, SEO, email, direct mail, cold calling, PR, public speaking, article writing, billboards, etc.

Each of these campaigns will come with its own costs and will generate its own response quantity and quality. 

In the end, you will be comparing your results with measurements like cost-per-lead, cost-per-appointment, cost-per-sale, etc. 

Step 2 – Landing Pages/Funnel

Most every campaign today includes some type of “opt-in” landing page, but that seems very limiting. 

Why not extend that landing page experience to include a longer sales page, or a testimonial page, or a video page, or a webinar page – after which you can give them a chance to book an appointment or request a quote. 

A landing page sequence, or funnel, will keep your newly opt-in prospects engaged with you a little longer before they move onto other things.

Step 3 – Lead Nurturing/Lead Follow-up

No matter what lead generation campaign you’re running, only small percentage of your leads will turn into sales right away. The rest will require some type of follow-up – by phone, by email, by mail, by text message.

Remember, you invested some money and/or time to generate those leads. 

You should be looking at the follow-up as your way to protect that investment.

Step 4 – Appointment/Engagement

Every business is different, but one of the most common benchmarks for lead generation is the number of appointments that are booked. 

Appointments are serious leads, for the most part. They represent people who have a high level of interest – enough to be willing to meet with a sales person.

If you’re finding your appointments are not serious prospects, you probably need to insert a “qualifying” step before the appointment is booked. 

Step 5 – Proposal/Quote

Naturally, a percentage of your appointments will be interested in receiving a proposal or quote.

How you handle this will vary, but you don’t want to be spending your day preparing proposals who are only marginally interested in what you offer. 

Use your appointment to “qualify” your prospect and get some idea of if it’s the right time to prepare a proposal.  In some cases, you might be able to use your appointment to deliver your proposal informally.

Step 6 – Sale/No Sale/No Decision

At this point, you will have prospects who have accepted your proposal, who have rejected your proposal and, more often, who are unable or unwilling to make a decision.

Your new customers will get immediate attention, but don’t let those rejected proposal or the undecided go without any follow-up. 

If they rejected your proposal, find out what and if there is anything you can do to change their mind.  If they can’t decide, stay in touch and look for some innovative ways to get them onboard. 


We want to build a Marketing System for you

Building a marketing system takes more than technology.

Yes, technology helps run the machine, but an effective marketing system encompasses a good marketing strategy combined with messaging, creative and program supervision.

That’s where we can help.

We offer a complete marketing system that includes any or all of the following …

  • Lead Generation – we will implement one of several lead generation campaigns
  • Landing Page Funnel – we will create a three-step landing page sequence
  • Lead Tracking System – we will add a system to track the sources of all phone calls, website forms and chats
  • Sales Process Pipeline – we will plot a customized pipeline for you – and make adjustments as needed
  • Qualifying Questionnaire – we will develop a series of questions to help qualify new prospects to your pipeline
  • CRM – we will set up a CRM system for you or we’ll connect to your existing CRM
  • Appointment Scheduler – we’ll provide a Calendly link or we’ll connect to your own scheduler
  • Lead Magnet – we will create a lead magnet or information packet to be used to generate leads
  • Drip Emails – we will develop an introductory drip email sequence
  • Triggered Emails – we will develop additional sequences for different stages in your sales process
  • Branded Emails – we will develop an evergreen series of reminder emails
  • Retargeting Ads – we will develop a a series of digital ads to retarget visitors to your website

We can put together this entire marketing system for you – while working within your existing infrastructure.

A flexible fee structure

Our Marketing System lays out a comprehensive and integrated mix of marketing strategy, tools, tactics and platforms.

But of course, every client and every program is different. You may or may not need (or want) everything we offer.

That’s okay. When we develop your program estimate, we will be sure to only include what you need – and not what you don’t.

For our full-service solution – the complete Marketing System – our fees range from $3,000 to $5,000 per month. We will provide a more detailed estimate during our early discussions.

If this is beyond your budget, we do offer many of these services on an individual basis – starting as low as $500 per month. Click here to learn more.

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