Direct Response Consulting – Offer Strategy

Direct Response Consulting – Offer Strategy

offer strategyAfter the list, the Offer is arguably the most important element in a direct response campaign.

Often overlooked or treated as an afterthought by novices, the Offer is recognized by every direct response professional as essential for driving response across all marketing channels.

The Offer varies greatly with the objective of the campaign:

  • Campaigns designed to generate leads will often use free offers (also known as lead magnets).
  • Campaigns designed to generate immediate sales (one-step selling) will use price-based offers complete with discounts, premiums, payment plans and other incentives.

Successful Offer Strategy requires ongoing testing and adjustments.

Offer Strategy Overview

Offer Strategy is included in all of our direct response campaigns or programs.

As a separate consulting service, Offer Strategy will:

  • Review existing offers and related performance data.
  • Identify control offers by audience segments.
  • Identify control offers by marketing channels.
  • Recommend minor adjustments to existing offers and test performance against controls.
  • Recommend new offers and test performance against controls.
  • Review and/or recommend process for testing offers.
  • Review and/or recommend process of evaluating performance.

We work with B2B, B2C and non-profits.


Offer Strategy is a project-based consulting service.  Fees start at $2,500 and vary with project complexity.

If you are interested in a broader array of services, we also offer a month-to-month arrangement, starting at $2,500 a month.

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