Using the Web as a Sales Tool

Your website is the face of your business, the centerpiece of your marketing and potentially a key part of your sales process. 

When it comes to websites, many people want to focus on what the website is going to look like.  Appearance is everything in their view. 

It’s true, appearance is important, but we place a stronger emphasis on functionality. 

  • Does the website accomplish what you want to do? 
  • Does it effectively convey your message?
  • Does it answer your visitors’ questions and give them reason to come back?
  • Does it engage visitors and use strategies to get them to join your email list? 
  • Is the website is easy to update and can it be edited by the client?
  • Is the website optimized for search engine traffic?

Flexible website services
Through our partnership with Ashdown Technologies, we offer the full range of web marketing services  – from web hosting to web development to web strategy. 

You can decide what level of service you need.  We can give you a brand new website or we can modify your existing site.  

Of course, if you’re happy with your web developer and web hosting service, we can still provide you with strategy and creative services (copy and design) to make your web pages more effective.

Let’s talk

As a first step, we’d like to hear about your business and what challenges you’re facing when it comes to marketing.  Call us and let’s get acquainted.  There’s no cost or obligation involved.  Call 508-473-8643.  If you happen to be located in southern New England, we can probably meet face to face.  We are located in Milford, MA – centrally located between Boston, Worcester and Providence.