System – Lead Qualification

Qualify and score your leads
with Lead Qualification surveys



What is lead qualification?

Lead qualification is the process of gathering information to determine a prospect’s sales readiness and sales potential.

And the end of this process, prospects can then be “scored” for their relative importance in the sales pipeline.

Sales Lead System

Sales Lead System

Not everyone who responds to your offers or makes inquiries to your company are potential customers.

Some are just collecting information and have no interest (or ability) to become customers.

The lead qualification process helps you weed out those initial leads so that you are not wasting time or money on follow-up.


How to conduct a lead qualification survey

Lead qualification information can be collected in a variety of ways:

  • by phone
  • by mail
  • by email

We develop online surveys that are delivered to new prospects by email as part of an automated lead nurturing system.  But we can also conduct direct mail and telephone follow-up surveys.


What lead qualification can tell us

Lead qualification surveys can help you answer many questions.  Here are some of the key “qualification” questions:

  • A prospect’s interest level – Getting and keep the prospect’s attention is key to any sales challenge.
  • A prospect’s need – Finding the right fit between your product and a customer’s need is critical to long-term relationships.
  • A prospect’s ability to pay – Lack of budget is often a major stumbling block.
  • A prospect’s role in the buying process – You like to find the decision-maker, but decision influencers are also important.
  • A prospect’s decision-making timetable – Timing is essential to sales – being at the doorstep of your prospects when they are ready to make a decision.
  • A prospect’s use of competitive products or services – Knowing what competitors are currently serving your prospect can be very advantage when positioning yourself as an alternative provider.
  • A prospect’s opinion of current supplier – If you can identify areas of dissastisfaction with the current supplier, you may be able to find an opening


The Sales Lead System

The Sales Lead System is a series of marketing communications activities that is custom-developed for your sales and marketing operation.

We combine proven strategic and creative tactics in direct mail, email, landing pages and web forms to deliver a closed-loop lead generation and lead nurturing process.

If some of these activities already exist, we can adapt to your program and provide you with just those services you may need.


Start with a FREE Audit

The Sale Lead System is developed for your sales program – and we start with the program you already have in place.

We will map out your current process from initial inquiry to close.  We’ll look at what’s working and what needs improving.

And then we’ll off some fresh ideas – to improve your tracking, your measurement, your creative and your results.


To arrange your FREE audit, call Bob McCarthy at 508-473-8643.