Direct Mail Services & Consulting

It is seen by some as “old-school” marketing, but direct mail is still one of the most powerful marketing channels for reaching a targeted audience and generating a measurable response.

It’s the only channel that can deliver a physical mailer into the mailboxes of virtually everyone in your target market. And unlike other media, the mail has to be seen by a human being (not a spam filter) before it can be discarded.

Of course, getting your mail piece out the door is a complex process – and getting people to respond to your mailer is even more challenging.

We’ve been creating successful direct mail campaigns for more than 30 years helping clients primary with lead generation but also with direct selling, retail traffic building, brand-building and fundraising.

Direct Mail Services

We offer a range of direct mail services – for both new programs and existing programs.


Direct Mail Strategy
A direct mail campaign is more than just getting your mail out the door.  It’s also about generating a response and that takes some planning.  With this service, we will address key factors in your direct mail campaign including mailing list research, offer strategy, mailer format selection, response channel planning, testing strategy and print/mail budgeting.  We will also supervise the implementation of your program.

Creative Services
Creative is responsible for the development of your mailers.  This could be a single mailer or multiple mailers, or multiple versions of the same mailer.  We work with all formats, but the vast majority of our projects use one of three formats – a 6×11 postcard, a letter package and a survey package.​

Production Services
Eventually your direct mail campaign will be heading to a production shop for list processing, printing, addressing, mail sorting and delivery to the post office.  You can use our vendors for your production – or you can use your own.

Related Services
Beyond the direct mail campaign itself, you may need some additional services such as a landing page, a sales page, phone tracking services, a reply mail permit, a lead magnet or a follow-up email campaign. These will be recommended – and estimated separately – as needed.



Ready2Run Direct Mail
Are you looking for a simpler approach to direct mail?  Ready2Run Direct Mail is an alternative to the comprehensive solution described above.  Here you will get everything you need to get your mail out the door and delivered to your target audience.    GET DETAILS ON READY2RUN DIRECT MAIL 



The following consulting services are available to help you improve your direct mail results.

New Program Consulting
Are you planning to use direct mail for the first time?  We can help you get started with our comprehensive, multi-step strategic planning process.  We cover everything – from list research to offer strategy to format selection and testing strategy.  Plus budgets, schedules and response rate expectations.

Program Assessments
Could your direct mail program use a fresh set of eyes?  We offer our Program Assessment as a way to review every element in your direct mail program and offer recommendations for improvement.

Mailing List Review
By all measures, the mailing list is the most important element in your direct mail campaign.  Our process includes developing an audience profile, list research through multiple sources, determining an audience universe, segmenting the universe and developing a testing strategy.

Creative Critiques
Your direct mail creative – the look and feel of your mailer – is very personal to you.  But was it created to satisfy your personal design preferences or to achieve a particular objective?  Our Creative Critique will help you sort out the two – and recommend improvements.

Offer Strategy
Direct marketers have known for decades that nothing impacts your response more than your offer?  So what is your offer and how can it be adjusted to improve your response?  We look at your current offers and show you how they are impacting response.  We’ll also walk you through our offer development process.

Direct Mail Testing
When we recommend changes to your program, we don’t want you to take our word for it.  We want you to test it.  With this service, we’ll make our recommendations and then we’ll put them to the test with your campaign.



Monthly Coaching
If you’re looking for more ongoing advice and support, we offer Direct Mail Monthly Coaching.  In this program, we provide education on the key elements of direct marketing along with advice and support for your particular program.  Choose from one to four Zoom meetings per month.  GET DETAILS ON MONTHLY COACHING

If you’d like to discuss an upcoming campaign – or if you’re looking for ways to improve an existing mailing program – call us and let’s schedule an introductory call.