Case Studies

What’s Involved

Case Studies or case histories are a great to demonstrate the results of your products or services – to show how your work has impacted other customers.

Prospects sometimes find it easier to understand a product or service when it’s presented in a real-life application with real-life results.

Moreover, when the subject of the case study is familiar to the prospect, it adds credibility to your business – that is, people are more likely to believe your sales claims.

Case studies can take many forms – from the simple one-page overview to a comprehensive, multi-page presentation with photos and interviews.

Project Details

Case Studies can be developed in several ways – everything from a single page, copy only description to a more comprehensive booklet format with photos and graphics.

Part of the process will need to consider how these case studies will be used.  Will they be printed and used in direct mail or as hand-outs at trade shows?  Or will they simply be posted on your website?

Our Approach

We can produce your case studies in whatever way you want.

If you have all the information already, we can write and design the case study based entirely on what you provide.

However, if you need us to also gather the information, or  perhaps even interview your customer, we can do that too.

Finally, we can handle whatever deliverable you want.  We can have it printed or produced online as a pdf?

Call for a Quote

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