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Email Lead Nurturing


Email Lead Nurturing is designed to stay in touch with your sales leads – both recent and long-term leads.

Introductory Drip Emails

When a prospect joins your list for the first time, it’s important to welcome them to the community.  You can do this with a single Welcome email or with a series of introductory emails – all delivered on auto-pilot to your newest prospect.

Triggered Action Emails

When your prospects respond to a particular offering (via email, your website or social media), that can trigger additional emails that specifically focus on the offering.  Set up those emails in advance and let the technology take over from there.

Sales Funnel Emails

Every business has some type of sales process that takes inquiries through multiple steps before they become customers. If your prospects follow your process from one step to another, great.  But many or most will fall off at different stages – and so you need some way to encourage them to get back on the path.  This calls for Sales Funnel Emails – a series of email sequences designed for each stage in the sale process.

Evergreen Branded Emails

At some point, your leads may no longer be receiving your drip or triggered emails, but you still need to stay in touch.  Some leads can take many months or years to convert.  We recommend a branded email – or several branded emails – that go out to your entire list on a monthly or twice-a-month basis. Don’t let them forget you.

Holiday Greeting Emails

Holiday emails are easy but often overlooked.  Let’s plan ahead, create those holiday emails and schedule them out for the whole year. Done.

On-Demand Emails

From time to time, or even on a regular basis, you may need emails to be created and deployed on the fly. We can stop everything and get to those emails created and deployed pronto – as needed..

Email Newsletters

Newsletters have been a tried-and-true lead nurturing activity for many years – and now email makes them so much easier to produce. 

Newsletters can take many forms – with multiple articles or just one article per issue. They can be news focused, commentary, advice, whatever you feel will most benefit your audience.  Your publishing frequency will depend entirely on your commitment and availability.  Once a month is a good target, but twice a month is better. Don’t spread it out too far though as your audience will quickly forget you. 


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