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Digital marketing, or online marketing, is the driving force in marketing these days.

But what does digital marketing actually mean?

Most digital marketing agencies will tell you it includes SEO (Search Engine Optimization), content marketing, pay-per click (PPC) ads on Google and Facebook, Retargeting ads, email marketing, social media, blogging and, of course, website marketing.

This is a pretty large serving of marketing – almost too much for most businesses to undertake at one time.

That’s why developed our digital marketing services into more practical and digestible service packages.

Let’s take a look.

Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing

Before we get into the actual marketing packages, we think it’s important to understand the two very different approaches to digital marketing.

You may be familiar with the terms “inbound marketing” and “outbound marketing.”

Each of these represents different marketing strategies you could undertake.  And yes, you could do both.

  • Inbound marketing is designed to get your prospects to seek you out, to search for you online and to come to you as a motivated buyer.  This is somewhat of a passive approach that will often take many weeks or months before you see any results.
  • Outbound marketing is less patient.  It is designed to identify an audience and then go after it, to reach out and introduce yourself to everyone who fits your audience profile.  It is a more pro-active approach, and as such, can generate more immediate results.

In the packages below, you will see we provide both inbound and outbound marketing.

Digital Marketing Packages

Website Conversion Package

It is well documented that the vast majority of visitors to your website will not take any action.  They will leave your site and you won’t know who they are.

This package of services is designed to help you convert more of your website visitors into leads.  We recommend a number of elements including a lead magnet, a lead form (popup or sidebar) and a download page.  Optional services would include a sales page, a chat box and retargeting ads.

Two-Step Landing Page Package

Everyone knows what a landing page is – a simple form with a simple offer.  But most landing pages are set up for a single mission – to capture the lead. The visitor might be sent to a Thank You page where they can download the free offer.  But that’s usually the end of it.  This is a lost opportunity.

We offer a two-step landing page that includes a familiar lead capture landing page, but is then followed up with a longer sales message to those who fill out the form.  We recommend a lead magnet for the lead capture step, and then a higher-end offer (like an appointment request, a quote request, a webinar registration) for the second step.

Local Search Package (for Google Maps)

This is for businesses that sell to a local market – preferably to local residents and households.  Local search, or local SEO, is all about getting your business to show on Google Maps.  When a local prospect searches for a local service, they are often presented with three local businesses on a map.  Additional listings will appear if they expand the listings.

With this package, we can set up and optimize your Google My Business profile, reach out and update your local directory listings, post updates to your Google My Business page, and setup/manage a Google review system.

Follow-Up Lead Nurturing Package

No matter how you generate leads, the fact is leads are not sales – not yet anyway – and you need some way to stay in touch with those leads over the next weeks, months, even years.  Too often good leads fall through the cracks because follow-up was inconsistent or non-existent.

We understand that staying in touch is hard – especially when you have so much on your plate.

We’ve developed a lead nurturing package that will keep you top-of-mind for as long as you want.  We have multiple follow-up “touches” that include automated drip email, ongoing evergreen email, Retargeting ads and, if you want, one or more follow-up direct mail pieces.

Google Banner Advertising Package

Mention Google and most people think about search listings and search engine pages.  That’s important (see below), but Google also offers banner display advertising.  Create an ad, size it to Google specifications and Google will serve up your ads to anyone you want.

We recommend banner display ads to clients looking for a low-cost way to reach their target audience and build their brand.  Display ads will generate clicks and leads too (at a relatively low cost), but not as effectively as a search campaign.  We will create the ads, size them for Google and find the right targeting to reach your best prospects.  If needed, we can also create a landing page and lead magnet to help you convert visitors into leads.

Google Search Advertising Package

This is Google’s most prominent and popular service.  When your prospects are searching for businesses like yours, or information related to your business, you want to at the top of the Google search page.  Most of the listings are there because Google decided it provided the best answers to the search inquiry, but the listings at the very top (and very bottom) are there because the company was willing to pay the going rate.

We can help you set up and manage a custom search campaign just for you.  This includes keyword research, ad creation and ongoing campaign management.  If needed, our service also includes a landing page and lead magnet to help convert your visitors into leads.

Facebook Ads Package

Certainly for B2C companies, but also for many B2B companies, Facebook offers different online advertising option.  While Google ads reach the entire Internet, Facebook ads are confined to its massive and highly engaged platform.

Conceptually though, Facebook advertising follows the same strategy.  Target your audience with a compelling offer, send responses to a landing page and convert them into leads or customers.  We offer the complete service – we’ll set up your account, create your ad campaign, landing page and lead magnet.

Retargeting Ads Package

Retargeting is one of the most powerful marketing techniques.  Some might find it intrusive, but nothing makes more sense than reaching people who have previously been on your website.  We can set up Retargeting (aka Remarketing) on both Google and Facebook.

For both Google and Facebook, we would add a code or pixel to your website, and then we would create your ads inviting your past visitors to further engage with your business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is about getting your website found on Google and the other search engines.  This is accomplished by creating content around specific topics and keyword phrases.  We offer three packages with different SEO strategies.

SEO/Cluster Content Package

Google has been very clear it likes websites that can provide authoritative content around a single topic.  One way to demonstrate your knowledge and authority is to create cluster content – meaning multiple pages around a single topic.

With this package, we would work with you to identify your key topic, or topics, develop a list of associated keywords around the topic, and then recommend and create multiple pages.  The goal is not only to impress Google, but also provide visitors with a complete package of information.

SEO/Keyword Ranking Package

Whether you tried or not, every website ranks for certain keywords. Your web pages may not rank very high and may even rank for keywords that are unrelated to your business.  But you do rank.  At the same time, there are many keyword phrases you’d like to rank for – keywords you know would bring you more business.

Unfortunately, many of those keywords are out of your reach.  Many larger, more established websites already rank for them and the likelihood of your website catching up are slim to none.  However, some keywords are accessible and we can help you move your rankings up to catch some of that business.

SEO/Ultimate Page Package

This is about long-form web pages.  You may have thought that web copy should be short and to the point.  That may be true in some cases, but not all the time – especially when it comes to Google.  Sometimes, you need to tell a longer story, a more detail story.  You need to provide facts, evidence, photos, charts, testimonials and more.

In fact, Google has made it very clear that when people make search inquiries, it likes to serve up more thorough, more comprehensive long-form pages. We can help you create those pages.

Social Media Package

Social media may not be the centerpiece of your marketing but it can go a long way in supporting everything you do.  It starts with finding the social media platform that works best for you.  You can try to use them all, but you’ll have more success if you can focus on one or two.

We can provide you with the support you need.  We help you create your social media profile, build your audience and develop a posting schedule that will keep your name and your business front and center.