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Lead generation begins with the sales process and ends with the sales team.  No lead generation program can be developed in a vacuum – or as part of a template. 

To be effective, it needs to be developed as part of an existing sales process and in collaboration with your sales team.

Why lead generation?

We use lead generation because it improves the efficiency and accountability of the sales effort. 

If your lead generation isn’t saving you time or money, or improving your sales efficiency, it’s not working the way it should.

This doesn’t mean lead generation can’t work for you.  It simply means your current effort is falling short. 

Looking beyond the response rate

Lead generation campaigns are too often measured solely by response rates.  This simplistic form of measurement fails to take into account two important factors – the cost of the lead and the quality of the lead. 

We recommend tracking and measuring the cost per qualified lead (as determined by lead scoring factors) or cost per order (for short cycle lead programs).

Sales force collaboration and accountability 

No matter how good your lead generation program is, it won’t work unless you have the enthusiastic support and collaboration from your sales force. 

We recommend including your sales team in all lead generation strategy meetings – to get them on board on the types of leads you will be generating. 

At the same time, we expect the sales team to provide periodic feedback on the status of all leads to improve lead quality and ensure timely follow-up.

Mostly direct mail, but not necessarily

Most of our lead generation assignments tend to include direct mail, but we don’t have a media bias. 

If other lead generation tactics make sense – print ads, shared mail, telephone, banner ads, pay-per-click ads, social media, SEO – we believe they should be tried, tested, tracked and evaluated as part of an overall lead generation program.

 We have experience in all these lead generation tactics – and we have specialists available if needed.   

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