Month-to-Month Marketing

Forget about “the campaign” – and start building a sales system

In the advertising, marketing and PR world, people always talk about the campaign.  The ad campaign.  The direct mail campaign.  The public relations campaign.

We believe there’s a better approach.

Campaigns tend to be limited by a fixed period of time – a few weeks, a few months.  You run the campaign and then you stop – and wait – until the next campaign.  Campaigns create gaps in your lead generation and gaps in your selling.

And who can afford gaps in selling?

Instead of a campaign, a better approach is to create a program – a system – that operates 12 months a year – a sales system that should continually …

  • generate new leads from a variety of marketing channels;
  • nurture those leads throughout the sales process; and
  • track responses and conversion rates from every one of your marketing activities.

Copy, design, strategy … and a sales system

This complete marketing service is designed and priced for the small business.

Working in partnership with you, we will help you build a sales system that continually generates leads, reaches out to your prospects as they move through the sales process and measures everything you do.  Our work will include:

Strategic Planning

We will meet with you (in person or by phone) on a regular basis to review strategies, project specifications, timelines and budgets.   We will work with you and your sales people to establish a marketing communications process that supports your entire sales process.

Copywriting and Creative Services

Whether you need a quick cover letter, email blast or a multi-page booklet, we can provide copywriting and graphic design services for a wide range of marketing projects – both on-line and off.   The pace and volume of the creative work will depend on the service level you choose.

Project Management

Every project needs oversight  of outside vendors for printing, mailing services, website hosting, broadcast email distribution, and more.  We will introduce you to our vendors and manage each project for you.

With multiple service levels and flexible pricing, we can adapt to your needs and budget.

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To learn more or to schedule an initial consultation (in person or by phone), call Bob McCarthy at 508-473-8643.