retail traffic building & loyalty

Direct Response Strategy, Creative and Execution

Retail Traffic Building & Loyalty

If you run a retail store or restaurant, we create direct mail promotions to promote customer traffic.  We then use email to build customer loyalty.

Target by demographics and location
Retail store and restaurant owners can target everyone in their area (defined by zip code or a radius from their location), but or better targeting, consider what demographics also make sense.

Reach out to new residents or homeowners
New residents and new homeowner are ideal prospects because they are looking for new stores and restaurants to patronize.

Track, measure and adjust
The real strength of direct marketing is the ability to track and measure response.  After each mailing, we’ll take the results and recommend changes for your next mailing.  Not wholesale changes, but tweaks and revisions to help you find even better results next time.

Build loyalty through email clubs
Email gives retailers and restaurant owners a new-found opportunity to stay in touch with their customers.  Social media offers new ways to spread the word.  Let us help you set up your own email club.


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