Content Marketing – Web Pages, Blogs, Lead Magnets

The Internet Age has brought us many new marketing terms and marketing approaches. One of those is Content Marketing. Just as the name suggests, Content Marketing is the creation and promotion of content for your website and/or blog.

When done right and consistently, it can improve your SEO, increase traffic to your website, build your online reputation and generate new sales leads.

The rationale for a Content Marketing program goes something like this:

  • Your prospects are searching for information and asking questions on Google and other search engines.
  • If your website or blog provides good and thorough answers to their questions, Google will notice and will start listing your pages in search results for those inquiries.
  • When your prospects see your listings on Google, they will click through to your website.
  • Once they are your website, additional content will incentivize them to join your list, download your free information and maybe even call you.
  • This gives you an continual flow of new leads that you should begin to nurture through drip email.

This is all trackable and measurable.  And to a large extent, it runs on auto-pilot.

But you need the content.

What makes good content?

Content isn’t about funny videos or clever graphics. It’s about creating and delivering relevant information that’s important to your prospects and customers.

So what’s relevant to your prospects and customers? You can tell by looking at the questions they are asking in their Google searches.

If you can provide the best answers – the most thorough answers – to those questions (those queries), Google will notice and start sending visitors your way. Moreover, your prospects and customers will notice and start turning to you for future business.

What types of content?
Content comes in many forms. It can be a blog post, an educational video, an ebook, a how-to guide, a tip sheet,  a webinar, to mention just a few options.

But we also use our content strategy to improve your basic website pages. For example, we might create a series of web pages for each of the industries you might serve. For many companies, those industry pages add more relevance for specific visitors to your site – and Google will notice.

Website content can also include new sections for educational/tutorial content and case studies.

We use different content for different purposes:

  • website content and blog posts to generate website traffic
  • ebooks and tip sheets to convert those visitors into leads
  • webinars and educational emails to nurture those leads over time

Our Services

Our Content Marketing services fall into three parts – each representing a different stage in the Content Marketing process:

Stage 1 – Content Planning & Scheduling – as part of the strategic planning process, we need to identify what type of content needs to be developed for different stages in the sales process.  We also need to establish a publication schedule so new content is an ongoing activity.

Stage 2 – Content Creation & Re-Purposing – every piece of content that needs to be created will be assigned to a creative team (writer and designer).  We also have access to video and web development services as needed.  When content is created, we can usually find ways to re-purpose the content for other uses.  For example, a series of blog posts could later converted into an ebook.

Stage 3 – Content Posting & Promotion – once the content is completed, it needs to be posted on your website or blog.  And then we need to get the word out – through email, social media and online advertising.

Content Marketing Costs Although we can handle single projects, your best bet for success is with an ongoing commitment – a month-to-month program.  For content that requires writing and graphic design in the form of web pages, blog posts, articles, lead magnets and other web content, fees can range from $1,000 to $5,000 per month.  Other forms of content – like webinars and videos – are also available but would be priced separately.

If you’d like to discuss an upcoming campaign – or if you’re looking for ways to improve an existing mailing program – call us and let’s schedule an introductory call.